Let’s take pictures with historical figures in Yamatokoriyama-shi!
When you go to a specific four spots you can take pictures using the photo frame related to that place. Take a walk through the town and look for that place and take a picture!

Let’s take photos with historical figures in Yamatokoriyama-shi, and mascot characters such as “Kintto” and “Decky”.

To experience “Photo Frame”, download the smartphone application “Kocosil”.

Download “Kokosil” application here

How to use

After launching the “Cocosil” application, please select “Cocosil Yamatokoriyama Castle Town” on Cocosill Select (Region selection screen) and select “Photo Frame”.

Experience “Photo Frame”!

When you approach a specific spot you can use the photo frame corresponding to that place. Launch “Photo Frame” with Kokosiliapuri, and automatically accessible photo frames appear when approaching around the following spots. Come and let’s take a picture with historical figures and mascot characters!

Photo frame spot Photo frame
Tenso-dori Hideyoshi Toyotomi
Hakodate Monogatari Mizuki Tōkodo
Outer moat green area Lantern type aquarium
It can be used anywhere Kintto & Deskkei