The history of goldfish in Yamatokoriyama city began being conveyed when entering Yamatokoriyama from Yuri – zawa Kisato (Yamanashi Prefecture) in Kaiho 9 (1724). There were also blessed with natural conditions thereafter, and now it is one of the leading production areas throughout the country.

A nationwide goldfish scouting championship is held on the third Sunday of August every year (the fourth Sunday when there are five sundays), and raises the town and appeals “goldfish town Yamatokoriyama”. If you walk in town, you can meet goldfish (genuine and motif) in various places.

Goldfish lanterns, vending machines where goldfish swim, and automatic ticket gates. Also, why do not you go out to meet goldfish mainly with such spots, such as manhole or goldfish painted on a wheel stopper?

You can also get 10 different goldfish stamps.