“Castle town coupon” that collects coupons that can be used in restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops, etc. in the castle town (Yamatokoriyama city). Please come and visit our store by all means when you want to explore the city of Koriyama Castle or the city.

When using “Castle Town Coupon” please download the smartphone application “Kocosil”.

Download “Kokosil” application here

How to use

After launching the “Cocosil” application, please select “Cocosil Yamatokoriyama Castle Town” on Cocosill Select (Region selection screen) and select “Castle Town Coupon”.

Let’s obtain using “castle town coupon”!

  • When using coupons, please read the tag plate (QR code) installed in the store.
  • Coupons can be used only once per day per person.
Store name Offer details
Shichido Wakozaki Hot coffee service to customers of eating!
(One cup per person)
Seasonal cuisine Coffee or dessert served
Pizzeria & Bar Sampler One drink or Dolce (sherbet)
Shartier 1 cup per original cocktail
Non-alcohol is also available
Cafe Platinum Coffee service when using lunch
Sakura building With drink and cake order 100 yen discount
(In case of cake sold out, you can substitute other products)
Good food processing moderately A card with a “good food” card is presented to those who purchase over 1,000 yen. Gather 10 cards “1 bottle pack containing 10 healthy eggs” gift
Coloring kitchen Bon Yagashi store At lunch time, “lunch menu” or “snack”
(Excluding toast ※) Cup of “coffee” or “tea” for those who ordered service (up to 10 people with one coupon)
Wakabo playfully Up to 1 coffee for lunch
Western confectionery store Parfan With a cake order of 300 yen or more, a cup of coffee service.
1 person per coupon
Saikai Dining Wind Kana Hana Lunch only 5% OFF
(Can not be used with premium gift certificates and other discounts)
Box main building “Konoya” 10% discount for entrance fee
Yamashiro-gun Yamashiro Hall In coupon presentation, entrance fee 10% off
(Up to 5 people in one group)
Aqua trendy Randomly distributed
Yamato Noodle Shop Hosho  5% OFF with 1 coupon
Koyoshi One draft beer (small) service
Okinawa cuisine Chura 1 drink (draft beer, chuhai, awamori, soft drinks) service limited during fire, water and wood business hours
(Can not be used with other services)
Feng Hui Hoki Special WARABI mochi consistent present