Koriyama castle was the biggest castle in Yamato starting with the building of Tsutsui Junkei in 1580, and then became the residence of Toyotomi, Mizuno family, Matsudaira, Honda and Yanagisawa family. It is said that the castle was gradually improved and almost completed in the era of Hideyoshi Toyotomi.

Daimon Toyotomi Hidenaga gathered peers in the town as a policy of protection of commerce and industry, and built box Honmachi, which allowed the monopoly right on business. Its management is autonomy of the 13th town’s ordination system, the town of the duty is a sealed box with a patented form, puts a small flag with “Box Book” and dyed a small flag, one month in all the town safety, fire extinguishing · horse racing I took care. There are still thirteen town names such as “tea town, Shiomachi, Tofu town” and many historic buildings in the Edo-early Meiji era remain in this district. In Konoya Town, the waterway that the indigo dyeing merchant used to expose dyed goods at that time still flows in the middle of the road, leaving the atmosphere of the castle town.