Koriyama castle was reproduced with high-definition CG (computer graphics). Hideyori Toyotomi It reproduces the state of the castle tower and the castle tower in the period of residence. To experience the reproduction CG, download the smartphone application “Kocosil”.

Download “Kokosil” application here

How to use

After launching the “Kokosil” application, please select “Cocosil Yamatokoriyama Castle Town” on Cocosill Select (Region selection screen) and select “Reproduce · revive Koriyama Castle”.

Experience VR with smartphone app!

In the vicinity of Koriyama castle ruins

When you walk in Koriyama castle ruins with a smartphone, the reproduction CG of Koriyama castle appears according to the movement. If you point your smartphone to the surrounding landscape, you can enjoy the VR experience as if the camera is showing the inside of the castle at that time. When walking in the castle ruins, the position of the CG moves accordingly in real time, and changing the direction of the smartphone up and down, left and right, the scenery of the time which was visible in that direction is displayed.

You can experience 360 ​​degree panorama from the position rising to the castle tower in the area around Tenori-dori.

In addition, at three spots in the castle ruins, we can use AR (Argumented Reality) technology to provide a function to take pictures with Koriyama Castle Tenshi (CG).

Why do not you visit Koriyama Castle Ruins and take time slip at Koriyama Castle Reproduction CG for a while.

When not in Koriyama castle ruins

Even when you are not at Koriyama castle ruins you can enjoy VR experiences using recreated CG. When choosing a favorite spot from three places around the castle tower, the Gokuraku Bridge, and the iron gate, the scenery from that point is reproduced in CG. If you turn the camera, you can enjoy the 360 ​​degree panorama CG from that place at that time.


This Koriyama Castle reproduction CG was created with the assumption of Toyotomi Hideyoshi era while referring to the arrangement of Guo and buildings drawn in the picture of the Edo period. It is not an academically or empirically restored one.